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Hi I’m Atusi Sasaki My English name is 'RON'. I'm 28 years old man. learning English is very difficlut but is have a lot of fun for me. I would like to study English to enable me to get a job. This year, I’m probably going to be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). I must, therefore, be able to speak with business people from various countries. Also, I will have discussions in English too, including some small talks and some private conversations. I want to be able to travel abroad for leisure and to visit many of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. That's why I'm learning English. My Fevarites ・ leaning English ・ reading comic book and paper back and マンガ ・ music ex X japan lunasea AKB48(takamina osi) GLAY EXILE Back street boys Ayaka  ・ Movie and TV program The OC, You've got mail, INCEPTION, Harry potter series,



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